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martes, 31 de marzo de 2015



I love you,
I love you of a way inexplicable,
Of a form inconfesable,
Of a contradictory way.

I love you
With my states of spirit that are many,
And they change of humour continuously.
By what already know,
The time, the life, the death.

I love you...
With the world that do not understand,
With the people that does not comprise,
With the ambivalence of my soul,
With the incoherencia of my acts,
With the fatalidad of the destination,
With the conspiracy of the wish,
With the ambiguity of the facts.

Still when I say you that I do not love you, I love you,
Until when I deceive you, I do not deceive you,
Deep down, I carry out a plan,
To love you better.

I love you...
Without reflexionar, inconscientemente,
Irresponsibly, spontaneously,
Unintentionally, by instinct,
By impulse, irracionalmente.
In effect I do not have logical arguments,
Not even improvised
To base this love that seat by you,
That arose mysteriously out of nowhere,
That it has not resolved magically at all,
And that miraculously, of to little, with little and at all
It has improved the worst of me.

I love you,
I love you with a body that does not think,
With a heart that does not reason,
With a head that does not coordinate.

I love you
Without asking after me what love you,
Without mattering me why love you,
Without questioning me why love you.

I love you
Simply because I love you,
I same do not know why love you.